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Jenny Gabrielsson Mare is a Swedish indie vaudeville jazz pop artist. Her music is sensual, beautiful and theatrical, flirting with darkness, hope and drama. Born in the north of Sweden she claims the cold climate, the dark winters and the midnight sun has made her expression dramatic.


Gabrielsson Mare has released three soloalbums plus two albums and one EP with the dark wave duo White Birches.



In February 2018 White Birches released their second album "When the Street Calls". The album is set in a not-to-distant dystopia and in the center of the story stands an underground resistance movement. A movement of poets and witches, of the rural queer, of anarchists and lovelorn rebels...


In November 2016 Jenny's third solo album "Comb the Wicked" was released in Scandinavia and on September 22 2017 it is finally released world wide. In October 2014 she spent a month alone in Brooklyn writing songs for a new album. The songs are inspired by the atmosphere in Brooklyn; from industrial noise to gospel and the songs are based on voice, piano, organ and percussion.


In the recording process she is collaborating with amongst others the great cellist and arranger Emeli Jeremias and legendary percussionist Michael Blair who have played with some of the greatest like Tom Waits and Lou Reed.


Album credits: Jenny Gabrielsson Mare - vocals, grand piano, organs & programming. Emeli Jeremias - cello & backing vocals

Michael Blair - drums & percussion. Daniel Gabrielsson - bass & accordion. David Silva - electric guitar. Fredrik Jonasson - programming. Jenny Persson - backing vocals. The album was produced by Jenny Gabrielsson Mare, mixed and co-produced by Ruben Engzell at Studio Ljudriket.


In april 2015 White Birches debut album "Dark Waters" was released with good reviews both in Sweden and internationally and was nominated for best synth-album at the Swedish "indie-grammy" Manifestgalan. White Birches also participated with a previously unreleased track on the collection Not So Cold "A Warm Wave Compilation" by Tacuara Records. In 2014 White Birches released a first EP entitled "Stands of White Birches".

In februari 2013 Jenny Gabrielsson Mare released her second solo album "The Ritual", exploring the darker side of human behavior in form of dreams and unwanted desires. Including the Twin Peaks inspired single Black Lodge. Inspired by the works of Lynch, Hitchcock and late night jazz clubs she invited jazz guitarist Hans Olding to write string and horn arrangements.


Album credits: Jenny Gabrielsson Mare – vocals, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, programming, percussions and keyboards. Ottilia Säll – drums. Sara Andersson – grand piano. Stefan Stenberg – upright bass. Katharina Nuttall – programming, percussion, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, steelpan and bass. Lotta Wenglén - bass, programming, percussion. Hans Olding – electric guitar on tracks 6 and 10 and on all parts of “The Ritual”. Nils Janson - trumpet och flügelhorn. Magnus Wiklund – trombone. Linus Lindblom – tenor saxophone. Kameliakvartetten: Emeli Jeremias – cello.

Lina Söderholtz and Malin Thurén – violin. Katarina Bengtson – viola. Backing vocals by Evelina Lindahl and Karoline Pettersson. The album was produced by Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and coproduced by Katharina Nuttall who also mixed the album together with Lotta Wenglén.


Jenny Gabrielsson Mares debut album Black Stars was released in the fall of 2010. Arranged, produced and mixed by Katharina Nuttall it gained praise in swedish media.


Album credits: Jenny Gabrielsson Mare: Vocals. Katharina Nuttall: Backing vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, organ, glockenspiel, percussions & programming. Lars Jonasson Rinman: Bass. Jimi Harlevi: Drums. Staffan Johansson: Electric guitar. Daniel Gabrielsson: Accordion. Lotta Wenglen: Backing vocals & elecric guitar.